Transform Your Bedroom With Blackout Curtains Dubai

Blackout curtains are a thick opaque fabric that blocks sunlight and reduces heat generation in a room. You might know this and agree that they do a great job keeping your room cool and not causing extra burdens to your AC. But maybe you find them a bit dull, too plain to create the welcoming atmosphere you desire for your bedroom.

If that’s your case, don’t worry about it because, at, we have a wide range of designer curtains and fabrics.


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Why Do You Need Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains are essential in Dubai. They reduce sun glare and the radiation that penetrates the window. Blackout drapes are widely used in bedrooms and living rooms as they aim to achieve two primary goals. These are reducing cooling costs and increasing the privacy of a home or office space.

Not only are blackout curtains unique curtains that allow room darkening capabilities, but they also work great as a deterrent against break-ins. So if you want a great night’s rest and enjoy the sun and sky during the day, you should consider installing them at your home. You’ll be surprised by what benefits the installation can provide you.

Eyelet Blackout Curtains

The most luxurious eyelet blackout curtains from Blinds Dubai provides a stylish addition to your room, transforming it from simple living space to a warm, cosy retreat.

Pinch Pleat Blackout Curtains

Pinch Pleat Curtains Products Which are manufactured by us are for retail and wholesale trade and for business dealing which go long way in enriching our life with its elegant beauty.

Motorized Blackout Curtains

Motorized Blackout Curtains Dubai brings an unprecedented level of sophistication and style to your home, while enveloping it in a cozy, dark embrace. Choose Motorized curtains Dubai to get the best blackout curtains in UAE.

Blackout Curtains Benefits In A Bedroom.

Blackout curtains have been closely associated with bedrooms; there is more to these curtains than meets the eye. Invented initially to protect people from the noonday sun that creates harmful rays for human beings and animals alike, blackout curtains do more than cut out harmful rays. They also help reduce outdoor noise that disturbs concentration and keeps you awake at night. As one of the leading suppliers of high-quality blackout curtains in Dubai, UAE, we remain focused on offering the best service to our patrons.

  • Blackout curtains are available in wide range of pattern and colour.
  • They are easy to install, durable and last long
  • Blackout drapes reduce heat and noise in a room
  • Enhanced light control and energy efficient.
  • Protect home furnishing from direct sunlight
  • Blackout drapes Block UV radiation of sunlight
  • Save on energy costs and offer better sleep quality

How to buy Blinds Curtains Dubai Roller Curtains

At, we specialise in all types of blinds. Our made to measure curtains Dubai have gained us a reputation for excellence and quality . We not only cater to the local market, but also supply curtains for export markets like the Middle East. To schedule a zero obligation no cost home visit call us 052-253-5238

Modern Blackout Curtains

Cut the light and noise and create instant privacy with modern blackout curtains

Affordable Curtains

One-stop shop for quality and affordable custom made Blackout Curtains

Easy To Use

Easy to use blackout curtains, Open and close without any hassle, either it is a manual or automatic curtains.

Light Filter Curtains

Blackout curtains protect complete privacy from prying eyes and can filter the amount of light.

Room Darkening Curtains

Blackout Room Curtains block direct sunlight and reduce heat generation in a room.

Block UV Radiation

Blackout Curtains Block UV radiation of sunlight and protect sensitive items and furnitures.

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